Poker – Tips, Tricks and Rules

Learning the trade instead of learning the tricks of the trade may be the common cliché, but in games like poker, which is full of tricks, mistakes and bluffs, it becomes very necessary to learn the tricks in addition to learning the trade itself.

You may think that learning tricks is easier than learning the trade. But in reality it is not so.
Understanding the hidden tricks and tips requires a lot of psychology, skill and more, in addition to great concentration. And minimizing your same old stupid mistakes that you have repeated in the past. .

To become a great poker player, fast, you need to follow some tips, tricks and rules while playing this game of bluffing. Follow these important points and you will learn all

exchange tricks and be the winner, always!

1) No drunks: No drinks, please! 2 drinks can leave you relaxed Poker QQ, but they can always be a loser. And that may require more drinks. So, it is better to get out of this vicious circle.

2) Play in a good mood: It is a general notion that playing you is emotionally weak, sad, crazy or depressed will make you a winner and ease your mood or anger. Being a poker never does that. Playing to escape your sadness or bad mood. It is never a good idea. You give your fellow player an advantage over you.

3) Pay attention to the cards: if you are a beginner, just pay attention to the cards themselves. But after you’ve tried and tested, try to keep an eye on what’s going on at the table. Find the best possible hand to adjust the flop.

4) Watching other players: paying attention and watching your opponents is the best thing you can do to bluff before you are bluffed. Once you know, when the player folds to raise again, that’s when you can steal the pot and be the winner.

5) Don’t play all hands: almost all beginners make the mistake of playing far more hands than they can or should! For a beginner, it may seem that playing more means winning more. But, unfortunately, it is vice versa in most cases

6) No bluffing for the bluff: the novice feels that he has not won or is not a good player until now, until bluffing. But it is not like that. Remember that bluffing only applies in certain cases and only against certain people.

7) Stay because you are already inside: it is a blunder to think or say that “you will have to stay, because you put so much in the pot”. Throwing money into the pot will not always make you a winner. As it stands, the money thrown into the pot is not yours now. And playing until the end of the game will not help you get your money back!

8) Lucky me: don’t always play thinking that luck will favor you as always. You need to have at least some knowledge about this poker to bluff. Instead, try to practice poker and be prepared before entering that round of poker, especially if you are a professional player. Like, luck favors the prepared.

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